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Will Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler get married?

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The young couple of Hollywood Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler seems to be very serious in their relationship, will Vanessa and Austin get married? 

23-year-old Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler, 20, are now the most inspirable couple, making the climate very romantic with their cute date and even making temperature rise with their hottest kisses. They have almost gone around the globe, they were seen enjoying at beach, having funs at airports while leaving for their works, the couple almost make out their love and affection very public. 

Both Vanessa and Austin was spotted kissing many times in public, in streets, airports, NBA arena, public outings, yatch and gets even gets more romantic at beaches. However, Vanessa Hudgens was romantically linked with her High school Musical co-star Zac Efron. Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron both looked very cute couple together and started dating while working for High school Musical, later they announced split ending their long time love. 

Recently, Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler spotted on a romantic date in New York. She was on a break from filming Spring Breakers in Florida along with Ashley Benson and Justin girlfriend Selena Gomez. Vanessa is on holiday and making most out her time with her boyfriend in the mean time of shoot, as she take off to New York to enjoy a romantic weekend. 

Earlier in January, the twosome hit Hawaii beach where they tuned out be most hot and romantic couple. She flaunts her curves on the beach alongside with her beau Austin, they looked so very romantic and getting into with each other. 

The pair looked arriving at her hotel, while Austin was seen carrying a flower bouquet of roses and her sweetheart Vanessa, as she was waiting for Austin. Later the couple went on for a romantic stroll together in the roads of the Soho district, NYC. They even stopped to have lunch and then doing some shopping. 

The twosome was seen getting romantic on their stroll along the New York, at one point Vanessa hugged Austin which posed to be very intimate snap. They both look still pretty cool and very lovely together. The lovebirds are very fast and super serious in their relationship. 

So will Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler get married and stay united forever? 

We have to wait and see!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Readers Comments (13)

  1. ken says:

    i really hope not :(

  2. Stephanie says:

    Vanessa & Austin’s relationship will not last.I believe that Zac & Vanessa Will get back together again one day in the future.They both know they are soulmates and are meant to be together.Time will tell.TEAM ZANESSA.

  3. RHEA says:


  4. olwethu says:

    Well I don’t tnk they will…but I do think they should

  5. aneka says:

    it’s not gonna happen because she just enjoying the single life…

  6. kissmyassAustin says:

    lmao no hell nah this fake ass couple won’t last Austin is just a fruity rebound deep down they mean nothing to eachother , i mean he can get back to me when he’s spent five years with her through scandal and everything else but seems he just wants fame or booty whatever “vaustin” is irrelevant i exsoect a ending very soon

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Nooooooooooooooooo because Vanessa should marry Zac

  8. Zanessa fan says:

    NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! if they married I swear that i hate vanessa forever! and i kill austin!

  9. Taylah says:

    No no no no no no no no no no no no way !!!!! :( :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:( I want zac efron to marry Vanessa hudgens !!!!! Zac’s a hottie and there cute together and I miss when there not together it makes me cry !!!! Austin can get a life weirdo zac s way cuter and hotter :):):):):)::):)::)::):)):

  10. Francie says:

    Zac and Vanessa looked to perfect for each other hoping they will reunite, sometime. What beautiful babies they would
    The younger guy Austin not sure too early to tell , I don’t think so.

  11. Kitty says:

    is she still interested in zac and doing all this PDA to get him jealous? my 1 worry.. coz austin is really sweet and cute!!! i really hope they have a good relaiotship they make an adorable couple!!

  12. marVIElyn says:

    wow i agree to what they said…zac and vanessa hudgens. shes mrs. efron…lol!!! cute huh????

  13. Audrey says:

    Zac and Vanessa are so cute together! Hope those two marry each other! M and friends think it’s reasonable for Vanessa and Zac to marry,not with Austin Butler.

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